Naztech Magbuddy Wireless Charging Desk Mount (rose Gold)


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&bull; Made for Qi(R)-enabled devices<br> &bull; Adaptive wireless charging technology<br> &bull; Safe and powerful neodymium magnets <br> &bull; 7.5 watts/10 watts iPhone(R) and Android(TM) Fast Charge compatible<br> &bull; Quick installation and removal <br> &bull; Compact, cradle-free design <br> &bull; Powerful LockGrip(TM) suction<br> &bull; Sleek, metallic base <br> &bull; Swivel, ball-pivoting head technology<br> &bull; Input: 9-volt Fast Charge<br> &bull; Output: 10 watts/7.5 watts/5 watts<br> &bull; Short circuit/overcharge protection<br> &bull; AC input: 100 volts to 240 volts, 50/60 Hz<br> &bull; Wall charger output: 5 volts/3 amps, 9 volts/2 amps, 12 volts/1.5 amps<br> &bull; Cable type: USB-C(TM) to USB-A<br> &bull; Cable length: 4 ft.<br> &bull; Limited lifetime warranty <br> &bull; Includes magnetic head, desk mount, adhesive MagBuddy(R) plates, 2 clear protective stickers, surface adapter, wall charger, USB-C(TM) cable, optional Apple Watch(R) mount and user manual <br> &bull; Rose Gold;